Die Versity

The entire concept of “diversity,” as it was proclaimed originally in the universities and has been ever since, is based on the idea that someone’s “thoughts” and “perspective” is based entirely upon their skin color and sex. The only way to add diversity, so the argument goes, is to add people of different skin color or different sex, because people are not individuals. All Jews think alike because they are Jewish. All blacks think alike because they are black. All white males think alike because they are white males. All women think alike because they are women. This is the basis for the entire concept of diversity as it exists and is proclaimed.

It is entirely self-serving. It began in the universities in the late 1970s as a way to promote the careers of women and blacks over other candidates so that women and blacks could get jobs in a highly competitive job market. It was the only way that they could compete in the job market. Women Ph.D.s often lagged behind their male colleagues because they had children and their careers were slow to develop. They also tended to study things that had little practical application. They were entirely self-absorbed and only wanted to study “woman” things: like the sociology of women, for example. Likewise, because many blacks on the late 1970s and beyond were raised in the era of “black empowerment,” many of them were uninterested in any topic relevant to anyone outside the black community: ancient history, asian history, European history, physical anthropology, mathematics, physics, biology, and so forth. The age of W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T. Washington (who were interested in a wide range of topics) ended long ago.

The concept of “diversity” creates the illusion that pursuing one’s personal ambitions and ridiculing or insulting white males is synonomous with “morality. In this sense, the concept of “diversity” creates monsters. It encourages people, including women and minorities, to believe that they are the sum-total of their race and sex: nothing more. As a result, the only things that should interest them are promoting the interests of their racial or sexual group over all others. The only things that interest modern leftists are topics relevant to people of their race and/or sex. Women study “women’s history.” Blacks study “black history.” To do anything else is to be a traitor to one’s “identity.” In a sense, they have all become slaves to identities that their group has created for them.

Of course, all of this diversity “nonsense” is completely incompatible with the other favorite notion of the modern left: that race and gender are cultural constructs that have no relation to biological realities. But such contradictions do not trouble any of them in the slightest, because their position has has never been about arriving at the truth or establishing a coherent argument. It has been motivated from the beginning by entirely selfish designs: to promote one “tribal” group as superior to others so that they can get a better paying job. The origins of it all are pure selfishness, and the result is that they have all become what they claim to despise: racists and sexists.


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