The Far-Left Assault on YOUR Freedom – and how to help Trump fight it

It ain’t all over yet! The Second American Revolution has succeeded and the American People have beaten The Establishment, but just like the First American Revolution before it, the hardest challenges now lie ahead. Already, there is a full-on campaign building up to bring the streets of America to a standstill and force out the President-Elect amid scenes fit for Obama’s banana republic.

George Soros’ Color Revolutionary mobs are already at work  Lame duck Obama is collaborating with them and facilitating their disturbances by refusing to deploy the National Guard to deal with their incipient nationwide riots, which will make it all the more difficult for President-elect Trump once he officially enters office early next year.

Their plan is create so much chaos that Trump is forced to concede on his signature slogan to “Lock Her Up!” in the interests of “national unity”, and they want to pressure him into preserving some of elements of the Old System, after which they inevitably plan to harness the inertia that they would gain by this to topple Trump and the New System that he’s building to “Make America Great Again”.

By recruiting the “Black Lives Matter” urban extremists that they spawned a few years ago and integrating them into the anti-Trump riots, the Hybrid War organizers are trying to tear America apart in a bloody race war so as to be able to accuse Trump of a “white supremacist/racist crackdown” the moment he orders the local police forces, SWAT teams, and National Guard to deal with the unrest. 

The last weeks of the Obama regime will be used to train the mobs and recruit new activists, ready for the whole thing to explode come January.

The Clinton/Soros Counter-Revolution will utilize all Hybrid War tactics including Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, convicted domestic terrorist (and Obama ally) Bill Ayers’ “teachings”, and Gene Sharp’s manuscripts, all of which will be practiced by the left and their “Black Lives Matter” criminals-in-arms and amplified to maximum effect by The Establishment’s Mainstream Media “coverage”.

There is no doubt that President Trump will stand firm, but with the entire corporate media against him and Beltway Establishment out to backstab him, he will LOSE if the American People stand by and watch as the left radicals and BLM racists build their campaign of hate and subversion.

Trump’s Irregulars! Recruit – Educate – Organize. 


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