Brilliant gun expert slams European Commission over plan to disarm even more law-abiding citizens

As well as flooding Europe with millions of Africans and Muslim immigrants, the European Union is working overtime to disarm the people of Europe.

Leading the resistance is Firearms United president Tomasz W. Stępień, who had the honour of delivering the final remarks of an important conference onthe whole issue, and did so with a vengeance. His remarks were probably the most intense and vibrant speech of the day.

While political correctness allows gun owners to be the only part of society that can legitimately be victimized by deliberate attacks, anti-gun political leaders live in their ivory towers surrounded by armed bodyguards and plot the disarmament of their citizens.

Our Countries are increasingly unsafe, so much that governments must resort to the deployment of the military in our streets, but at the same time those governments listen to the voices of so-called anti-gun “experts” such as Jean-Luc Stassen – the director of the Belgian Proof House, who’s recently been arrested for falsifying destruction records for firearms that he subsequently sold on the black market.

The outcome of the conference is likely to strengthen the position of the MEPs who oppose the restrictions

As Stępień warned, if any restriction was passed, no matter how watered-down, the only result would be the introduction of new regulations that wouldn’t be enforceable without diverting valuable resources from the fight against illegal trafficking. The collective punishment of over two hundred million European citizens would alienate them to the point that they would support political movements that advocate for the break-up of the EU as we know it; and given how the confidence of European citizens towards the EU institutions and their national governments has been steadily falling in the past years, this is a solid probability.

And since the European Commission is treating all those who disagree with them on the EU Gun Ban as “freaks, gun-nuts, racists, stupid, evil, backwards, anti-EU”, and what not, Stępień wished to remind the EC that calling the opponents names is exactly what costed Hillary Clinton the U.S. Presidential race; only toning down insults and avoiding any restriction will avoid the “Trump effect” in Europe.

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