ISIS torture chambers for women discovered; Contraceptives, sexual stimulation and narcotic pills found

An ISIS torture cell for female prisoners has been found by fighters of the Manbij Military Council in Manbij, Syria.

“We found various kinds of pills, including sexual stimulation, contraceptives and narcotic pills which were used by the Islamic State group for torture,” said Omar Mazerli, the military council group leader, to Arab24.

“They have very strange ways. This place was very hard to find and it is well hidden, but we got here with God’s will and the efforts of the Military Council,” he added.

The prison facility was said to have separate cells for groups and solitary prisoners.

A video showed the prison rooms to be in unsanitary condition. The fighters took footage of the disheveled blankets, mattresses and pillows, as well as dog bowls used as plates.

On the wall, an inscription in Arabic was translated as: “God, I have wronged myself, and no one forgives sins but you. Forgive me, you are forgiving and merciful.”

Manbij is one of the towns that has been liberated from ISIS in the past month. The city was referred to as “little London” because of the considerable number of British jihadists in the area, a Sky News correspondent reported.

Women took off their niqabs and men shaved each other’s beards to celebrate the liberation of the city.

Last March, the New York Times reported that ISIS fighters are forcing their female captives to ingest birth control pills before having intercourse them.

A 16-year old girl who was repeatedly raped revealed that she was given a box of pills every month and she had to swallow a pill everyday. Later on, she learned that these were birth control pills.

Many of the captured women were Yazidis. The women reported that ISIS uses several methods to prevent pregnancies. ISIS cites an obscure Islamic law that requires a man to make sure that  a female captive is not pregnant before sexual intercourse.



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