Dutch far-right leader rallies with Donald Trump in Ohio

Trump supporters at the Republic Party convention in Cleveland, Ohio, that Europe’s reaction to the migrant crisis has been feeble. He said the problem in the EU is that it’s being run by “Chamberlains instead of Churchills”.

As reported by the UK-based Express online, Wilders went on a shocking rant saying the EU project is collapsing due to a decades-long policy of open borders and cultural relativism.

Donald Trump jumped on the anti-immigrant bandwagon, warning the rise of Islamist extremism in Europe will only get worse and hundreds of jihadists return to the continent from Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State is rapidly losing territory.

Wilders endorsed Trump’s bid for the White House. While Wilders was booed when he  referred to Europe as Eurabia, he was cheered when he branded multiculturalism the biggest disease in Europe today and called for stronger political leaders


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