Britain’s paedophile grooming scandal

The Muslim paedophile grooming scandal has slipped out of the news, and there are still some people who don’t know how bad it really is (because it’s still going on). But if people don’t know, they can’t do anything to stop it, so more innocent young lives are being ruined. It’s time for action!

This well-researched and well-documented article is by a former left-winger, who finally woke up to what was going on and decided to put it all on record:

First let’s look at Rotherham, probably the most notorious Islamic Rape Gang case we’ve seen and the one, along with the Rochdale case, that first alerted the general public to the fact that Britain has an Islamic Rape Gang problem.

If people are looking for sound data on this case then the Jay Report, set up by the government to look into the problems with grooming gangs, is probably a good place to start. The Jay Report stated that approximately 1,400 girls in the Rotherham areas, aged between 11 and 16 were abused by predominantly ‘Asian’ men.

It’s right at this point to examine whether the use of the word ‘Asian’ is appropriate. Although the word ‘Asian’ is used in the media and in many of the official and media reports on these grooming gang cases, the majority of the names of those involved show that the members of these gangs are overwhelmingly Muslim.

This 1,400 figure is horrifying enough but when you realise that the Muslim population of Rotherham is only 3.6% of the 109,691 population of that town, it means you have large number of offenders from quite a small community. This shows that a relatively large proportion of the male population of Muslims in Rotherham have been raping, sexually abusing and trafficking the girls and young women of the area.

A good précis of the Jay Report can be found on the No2Abuse website although this site has made a typo error in the title of this piece.

If people want to read the actual Jay Report then it can be found on the Parliament site

I tend to discount the Berelowitz Report into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in general, as it appeared to play down the issue of Islamic Rape Gangs. It didn’t look hard enough at the specific problem of CSE by organised gangs of Muslims. The Jay report on the other hand did look into this aspect as it applied to Rotherham. It should be noted that when the Berelowitz report came out, its findings and the lack of emphasis on the Islamic Rape Gang problem was heavily promoted by the BBC. The BBC, it must be said, have their own agenda and sometimes the BBC’s output when promoting that agenda can be a little ‘economical with the truth’.

Here’s a link to the different sections of the Berelowitz report

Here’s Sue Berelowitz defending her report from criticism in the Guardian (where else)

Another source I’d recommend is the book ‘Easy Meat’ by Peter McLaughin who has undertaken an in-depth study of Britain’s Islamic sex crime problem.

Here’s the link to the Easy Meat page on Amazon. Please note the excellent hard hitting review by Theodore Dalrymple.

There is also a very good article on the subject of Rotherham by Sir Roger Scruton published in Forbes magazine. This concentrates on how a culture of political correctness let a huge number of girls fall victim to the Islamic rapists of Rotherham.

Also Channel 4 News has an interesting, and for a change relatively accurate, article quoting police child exploitation specialists from 2011 stating that a significant minority of nonces were ‘Asian’ ie Muslim. This article was published in 2011 which was prior to later studies that showed that on street grooming was dominated by Muslims. It was also published before the Rotherham case broke into the public’s consciousness.

Praise should also be given to Andrew Norfolk of the The Times who has undertaken major and long term investigations in the problems of Islamic Rape Gangs. If you have a Times account then you can find and read Mr Norfolk’s often groundbreaking pieces.

Time to move on to that other notorious city with an Islamic Rape Gang problem, similar to that of Rotherham, which is Rochdale.

So far there have been two major trials of mostly Muslim men who have been convicted of appalling abuse.

Here are details of the first case from 2015

and another case from 2016

These cases from Rochdale may be the tip of a very nasty iceberg, it’s highly likely that there are other cases with other victims that may yet be uncovered in Rochdale. Some of those victimised by Islamic Rape Gangs in Rochdale may have not come forward, some have been so traumatised that they have taken their own lives.

The seaside town of Blackpool has also not been untouched by Islamic sex crime.

Whilst police were investigating the disappearance of Charlene Downes, they discovered that at least 60 girls had been groomed for sex abuse in Muslim-run takeaway food shops in the town. The police identified 11 of these takeaways that were ‘honeypots’ where Muslim men plied young girls aged between 13 and 15 with drink, food and cigarettes, in order persuade them to have sex with them.

As with other cases, the truly appalling thing is that, if it hadn’t been for pressure from the far-right British National Party, the police would have buried the whole thing. IT’s coming to something when only demonised ‘fascists’ are willing to put their necks on the line and face prosecution in order to force the authorities to admit there’s a problem and take action.

We should not fall into laziness of thinking and believe that it’s only ‘the North’ that is affected by Islamic Rape Gangs and their crimes. The Oxford and Aylesbury cases should disabuse us of such a belief.

The Oxford case was one where those prosecuted and convicted may not be the only Muslims who have been involved in such sexual abuse. A serious case review said that there may have been a total of 373 girls victimised by gangs over the years in Oxfordshire. As many of those involved in similar cases are Muslim, it’s highly likely that the majority of offenders in the Oxfordshire grooming cases are themselves Muslim.

Here is a report that mentions the serious case review.

and a report from the original trial. The majority of those convicted in this case are Muslims

The Aylesbury grooming case again shows a preponderance of Muslims although one of the offenders was, unusually for these cases, a Sikh.

In the Aylesbury case the victim was passed around at least 70 men, not all of whom have been identified or prosecuted.

The Midlands of England, which also has a large number of Muslims, is also likely to become a hotspot for Islamic sex crime. A report in the Birmingham Mail, commented on by myself, shows that 75% of the grooming offences in the city are carried out by ‘Asians’. As usual for these cases the word ‘Muslim’ should be substituted for the word ‘Asian’ as in similar cases only a tiny minority of those convicted have Sikh or Hindu names.

In another case that this blog has commented on that of Coventry, there also seems to be a preponderance of Muslims involved in grooming and it’s likely that Coventry, like Birmingham, Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford will be home to another massive Islamic Rape Gang scandal.

Lest we make the mistake in thinking that these are all ‘historical’ cases and things are now better we should take a look at the North East of England. There Northumbria police have the ongoing Operation Sanctuary looking into large amounts of organised sexual abuse, much of it alleged to be carried out by Muslims. So far 31 people have been charged with grooming related offences, many of them Muslim.

In one case connected to Operation Sanctuary 20 men, all but two of them with Muslim names and one unnamed man, have been charged with sexual offences including inciting prostitution for gain. This case relates to girls and young women aged between 13 and 25.

Before we all give Northumbria Police a pat on the back for Operation Sanctuary I must say that I’ve had correspondents speak to me of a great deal of inaction by the police there about Islamic sex crime in the past. It was only the revelations about Rotherham and elsewhere that gave the police the necessary kick up the arse to start to deal with this appalling problem. These correspondents have told me that the police weren’t interested until they were forced to be interested by public pressure.

All the aforementioned cases are just some of the high profile ones. There are many more instances of Islam-related sex crime not just in the UK but all over Europe. I do not intend in this piece to go into the European ones, as it would make this piece even longer than it is, but I would recommend Brietbart London as one of the places which are covering this problem in a much more honest way than some media outlets. A search of Brietbart will show you what’s happening elsewhere. Although Brietbart is a conservative leaning outlet, it’s journalism on the subject of Islamic sex crime is pretty good.

Brietbart London can be found here:

Although sex offenders come from all communities it should not be denied now, by anyone of honesty and goodwill or with an interest in justice, that Britain has an Islamic sex crime problem.

For those wishing to get a picture of just how bad Britain’s Islamic sex crime problem is then I can highly recommend the website Kafircrusader. This counter Islam site has an excellent map showing both attacks by individual Muslims and by gangs of Muslims. Kafircrusaders site can be found here

The map of Islamic sex crime can be found here:

I have good reasons to believe that Kafircrusader’s map is not showing all the offences that have been reported as there are just so many of them. I know that I’ve lost count myself of how many ‘Mohammed’s’, ‘Hasan’s’ and ‘Abdul’s’ I’ve seen in so many different news reports.

The scale of Islamic sex crime in the UK is huge, really huge and encompasses not just organised child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking by gangs of Muslims but also includes individual Muslim rapists, Muslim gropers and the infamous ‘Publicly Wanking Muslims of Bradford.

To conclude, Britain has a massive Islamic sex crime problem and the reason for that is rooted in Islam itself. Islam is a highly supremacist and misogynistic belief system where Muslim men are at the top of the hierarchical tree and non-Muslim women are at the very bottom. Islam has no meaningful prohibition on what we would call paedophilia. Islam treats women as second or third class citizens and believes that sex slavery is acceptable because the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed approved of it and indeed practised it himself. A non-Muslim woman, because she comes at the very bottom of the pile of humanity according to Islamic belief, is ‘fair game’ for exploitation by Muslim men.

Those who deny that Britain has an Islamic sex crime problem, especially non-Muslims who do so, are either at worst being dishonest, or at best are not opening their minds to what has been and is continuing to go on. Of course sex crime of various sorts is committed by members of all races and by all religious groups, I would not dream of denying this.

However, the data and the reported stories show that the followers of Islam, this relatively small proportion of Britain’s population, is committing an awful lot of sex crime. Also there are some types of sex crime, most notably the sex gangs, that seem dominated by Muslim men. With the gang related sex crime it’s predominantly Muslims and the non-Muslim members of these gangs are an absolute minority.

At this point I need to say that the links I’ve put up in this article are by no means the entirety of the reports into Islamic Rape Gangs and other Islamic crime, but they should give a flavour of what is going on. There is much more out there should you care to look.

Way back in my past, I may not have initially believed the rumours of terrible crimes being committed by Muslims because they seemed so outlandish and unbelievable, but now I do believe. I’ve been convinced not by emotive rhetoric, but by evidence. Those who’ve asked me for evidence of my statement that Britain has an Islamic Rape Gang problem now have it in the form of this article and the many other pieces and news items written by others that are out there on the web.

Those who continue to deny that Britain has an Islamic sex crime problem have enough evidence now to see what is happening and that their denials are wrong. They have no excuse for ignorance, and certainly no excuse for saying ‘la la can’t hear you’ when the facts are presented to them.

Those who continue to deny this problem are promulgating an appalling dishonesty and this dishonesty is aiding and abetting the Islamic sex criminals who have been allowed to prey on our women and our children for far too long. Those who’ve denied this problem in the past need to work out whether they are on the side of the victims of the most appalling savagery, or whether they are going to continue to stick up for the interests of the Muslims who are doing the victimising?


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