Hungary’s Orban says Brexit vote shows Brussels must hear the voice of the people

Hungary’s prime minister says the issue of immigration and how the British “can keep their island” determined the vote on Britain leaving the European Union.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who says the ideal number of migrants entering Hungary is “zero,” said Friday on state radio that the biggest lesson of the UK vote is that Brussels “must hear the voice of the people.”

Orban said that Hungary is in the EU because “we believe in a strong Europe, but Europe is strong only if it can give solutions which make it stronger … to significant problems like migration.”

Orban earlier this week bought a full-page ad in British newspaper The Daily Mail, saying that “Hungary is proud to stand with you as a member of the European Union.”

Orban told public radio that the issue of migration had a key role in the British debate ahead of Thursday’s referendum.

Orban said British people were not satisfied with the policies that the EU took on the migration crisis.

Orban said the majority of Britons had interpreted EU answers to the migration crisis as ones that would weaken Europe.

He added that Visegrad countries in Central Europe would soon hold discussions about the British vote.


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