Austria received more asylum applications than births

Austria had more asylum applications last year than live births, startling new statistics have revealed.

The figures, which expose a worrying new angle on the migrant crisis, have been slammed as unsustainable by the country’s president.
After announcing the figures at a press conference on Wednesday, Heinz Fischer said: “This cannot become a permanent state of affairs.”
Mr Fischer said Austria received 88,000 applications last year, with the number of live births estimated to be similar to 2014’s total of just 82,000.

The news follows efforts by Austria to shore up its borders ahead of the summer migrant season, with the crossings to Italy now effectively sealed off.

On the same day that Mr Fischer revealed the worrying statistics, the European Union’s statistics agency announced is own asylum figures.

They said that EU nations granted asylum to over 330,000 applicants last year – a 72 per cent increase on 2014.

Around 165,000 of those were Syrian citizens, while 27,600 came from Eritrea and 23,700 from Iraq


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