“Refugees” could be returned from Latvia to their home countries

According to Ilze Petersone-Godmane, the Latvian Interior Ministry State Secretary, refugees could be returned to their countries of origin should the conflicts in their home countries subside.

She added that in the event of a halt in conflict, their refugee status would be reviewed and they may have to return to their home country.

Petersone-Godmane explained that a hot political topic in Germany at present is what to do regarding persons who arrived during the 1990s, as a result of fleeing the Balkan conflict. According to German law, they would have to return. However,  an added complication is their successful integration within German society.

As reported, under the European Union’s asylum seekers relocation program, the second group of refugees arrived in Latvia on April 13, 2016 – four families, a total of 15 people, including seven underaged children.

The news was confirmed to the LETA news agency by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Following their arrival, the families were then taken to the refugee center in Mucenieki.

Two of the relocated families are from Syria and two from Iraq. Among the asylum seekers there is a bank clerk, a chef, a barber and a tailor.

Latvia has agreed to take-in 531 refugees from other European Union member states. Most will arrive from Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Latvia will relocate the refugees by 2017. It is estimated that approximately 30 asylum seekers could arrive in Latvia per month until then.


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