Britain is ‘obliged’ to accept all laws forced through by the EU

A new report has revealed Britain is “obliged” to accept laws and judgments pushed onto it by the European Union.

The 96-page-paper, which was quietly published by ministers ahead of June’s crucial EU referendum, comes before the start of the official campaign.

And the document – which highlights Brussels’ stranglehold over Britain – will have Eurocrats campaigning for a remain vote worried

The hefty file says Britain must “adopt any legislation necessary” to make sure UK laws “give effect” to rules put forward by the EU.

Justice minister Dominic Raab warned the report proves a ruling made by European fat cats “trumps the British Supreme Court”.

He said: “It is important that there are at least some common facts to this debate.

“And the report concedes that EU law overrides UK law, and the European Court trumps the British Supreme Court.

“With over 60 per cent of UK laws made in, or derived from Brussels, the EU is testing the democratic contract to breaking point

“Whether you’re on the left or right, the British people must wrest back democratic control on 23rd June.”

The report added: “Member states have to make sure that any actions they take are consistent with the rules in EU law, and must adopt any legislation necessary to give effect to EU law in their national law.

“The National Courts share responsibility for enforcing EU law with the European Court of Justice. Any person or company has a right to take the UK Government (or in some cases another person or company) to a UK court for failure to comply with EU law.

“Where a domestic court finds that someone has breached EU law, it will take the necessary steps to ensure EU law is given effect, which may include disapplying national legislation that conflicts with it. In some cases, it can also award damages to the person or company who has lost out.”


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