Afghan migrant in his 20s arrested in Austria after ‘forcing 13-year-old girl to have sex with him for three months’

An asylum seeker in Austria has been arrested after he allegedly forced a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him for three months.

The man, who arrived in the country from Afghanistan, met the teenager on a number of occasions – including one in a wood – so he could sexually abuse her, officers said.

The teenager, from Korneuburg near Vienna, is believed to have been first approached by the man via social media at the beginning of the year.

The pair met in the wooded area for the first time where the girl was verbally threatened until she agreed to have sex.

They are also believed to have met on other occasions where the man, reportedly in his mid-twenties, continued to ‘repeatedly’ abuse her.

Police were alerted to the situation after the schoolgirl, who has not been named to protect her identity, told her parents what was going on.

They immediately told officers, who arrested the man. He is currently in custody.

A police spokesman said: ‘The accused did not use any violence, but he did threaten her and scared her into doing what he wanted.’ 

Police said he had been living in an asylum home in Hollabrunn where he had used a smartphone to get in contact with the girl.


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