210,000 UK Muslims support ISIS – what ‘shock’ Channel 4 survey tells us about the future

C4 survey shows that 7% of UK Muslims support ISIS Caliphate. That’s a lot who don’t, but 7% of the claimed “only 3 million” living here is 210,000. And 34%, just over 1 million of them. wouldn’t report someone linked with terrorism to the police.

These deeply worrying figures have emerged from a survey carried out for a Channel 4 investigation into how Britain’s Muslim and mainstream populations are drifting further and further apart in terms of attitude. The programme is to be shown on Wednesday evening and is attracting widespread advance news coverage.

Quite frankly, we do not share the anguish of the liberal-left bout the Muslim community’s widespread rejection of the normalisation of homosexuality, of Britain’s acute moral and spiritual decadence, or of their above average recognition of the power of the Zionist lobby in the media and politics. “Good for them!”

But there is very clearly a HUGE problem with UK Muslims’ growing support – now up to 23% – for Sharia law in our country. Even the relatively low figure showing that 4% of them support suicide bombings equates to 120,000 individuals.

Consider that the IRA, at its peak, had only 400 active fighters, yet it took 27,000 British soldiers, a militarised local police force and two loyalist militias just to contain them in 30 years of bloody slaughter.

So how is this all going to end? With the political elite waking up and actually addressing the problem? With submission? Or with 30 years of mayhem and horror until both sides exhaust themselves and young men who have grown up knowing nothing but violence. murder and funerals begin to sicken at the thought of their own sons going through the same terrible experiences (a process summed up rather well in this anti-terror advert from Northern Ireland towards the end of the Troubles)


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