ISIS recruiting Muslim gangs in Britain

How long before Britain blows? New revelations about a big online ISIS campaign to recruit Muslim drug gangs and create ‘self-starting’ terror cells in Britain’s tense towns and cities tell us that it’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

ISIS have released on online guide on establishing ‘Muslim gangs’, how to spread hate among Islamic communities, stop them integrating with non-Muslims, and use charities as fronts to raise cash as well as funding ‘Jihad’ through crime.

Jihadi supporters are circulating a radical guidebook on social media, providing deadly instructions on how to create a active terror cell.

The shocking handbook contains a chapter by chapter guide to financing ‘Muslim gangs’ and obtaining weapons in the UK.

The book makes gloating references to previous Islamist terror attacks in Britain, including 7/7 and the ritual slaughter of Lee Rigby. The book is littered with Koranic quotes and statements from radical hate clerics

Under the cover of a charitable organisation raising awareness of Islamic teachings, gang members are urged to draw in recruits covertly off the streets.

Detailed bombmaking instructions are laid out in another chapter, complete with basic diagrams for making a bomb out of a fizzy drink can.

Radicals are encouraged to build pressure cooker bombs, inspired by the horrific Boston Marathon bomb attack. It also lays out advice on cell phone detonators and car bombs.

Gang members are encouraged to carry out muggings and acts of credit card fraud to pay for weapons and materials for large scale attacks.

The handbook draws on some of the latest terror arrest cases to advise would-be terrorists on how to avoid detection. It refers to the jailing of 20-year-old Zakariya Ashiq (above), from Coventry, for trying to join ISIS.  And it mentions a previous book by the same author about lone wolf attacks, inspired by convicted radical Brusthom Ziamani, who was planning on carrying out a Lee Rigby style attack

It praises hate preacher Anjem Choudary for his knowledge of the law and claims people like the former spokesman for Islam4UK, ‘study the latest version of the Anti-Terrorism Act (Law)’ so they call for Islamic Law in the UK without being arrested.

Choukri Ellekhlifi (above) joined an Al-Qaeda linked group in Syria after being arrested for his part in a spate of muggings using mopeds and tasers in wealthy parts of West London. Mohammed Emwazi  nicknamed Jihadi John, was also from West London and was linked to a gang which beat up white teenagers in racist attacks.

Video footage also emerged of Choukri Ellekhlifi working on a Dawah stall in West London, attempting to convert passers-by. He was also known for being part of a West London gang who used tasers and mopeds to mug their victims.

When he was arrested for robbery, Ellekhlifi, 22, fled to Syria, joining Al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, which the USA quietly backed in the vain hope of using these throat-slitters to stop the ISIS head-cutters

Jihadi John, revealed to be former Westminster University student Mohammed Emwazi, attended the same school as Ellekhlifi and is believed to have been linked to a West London gang.

The truly shocking thing is that, even though everybody knows that it’s only a matter of time before the Brussels Massacre is repeated – perhaps on a far worse scale – on the streets of Britain, the government is still happily giving our taxes to radical Imams who “preach hate on the state”. It’s just as if they’d allowed pro-Nazi Germans to praise Hitler and recruit young men to don Swastika armbands and blow up British targets whenever they felt like it in 1940.

In those days, of course, it was out of the question. Not just known Nazi sympathisers, but every last German living in Britain, were arrested and interned. Cameron and Co keep saying that we’re “at war” with the Islamists; so why do they leave them free to walk the streets and make their plans for mayhem?


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