IS warns of more terrorist attacks in Europe and the US

The Islamic State continues to threaten Europe and the US suggesting that the brutal Paris and Brussels attacks are just the beginning.

The Washington Times reported today, that Islamic State’s media company, Al-Wafa, published a series of terrorist attacks threats. “America, You Are Next” one propaganda article says. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi communications traffic translated the article for the US daily.

“We haven’t forgotten the screams of the virgin girls who were raped when you invaded Iraq….We will avenge them and restore every maiden’s honor….Today we will take your women captive and sell them at slave markets at prices reserved for the most unclean. Today we will take your children and raise them among Muslim children until they grow up, fight, and break the noses of those who remain among you.” The terrorist writer continues by saying that the IS will send fundamentalists similar to the Paris attackers to perform terrorist attacks in the US.

Another Al-Wafa article has the provocative title: “Today It Is Brussels and [Its] Airport, and Tomorrow It Might Be Portugal and Hungary.” A MEMRI analysis suggested that the mentioning of Portugal and Hungary is on purpose with the main message being “that no European nation or capital is safe from ISIS attacks.”

The threatening article says: “They [the perpetrators] told Belgium: We have come to you today with bombs, explosive belts, and rifles. We will yet send you to hell in coffins. Yes, by the Almighty Allah, we will strike you in the nightclubs, the stadiums, the schools, and the universities; on land, on sea, and everywhere. We will target the military, the police, women, men, the elderly, and children. We will leave none of you [alive].”

Said Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and terrorism expert spoke to Washington Times and said about the IS threats: ​”​I believe among the hundreds of returnees from Syria/Iraq and the Islamic population now in Europe there ​are​ plenty of willing people to continue to terrorize Europe.​ The Europeans are not of one mind much less trust each other to work as closely as necessary to prevent further assaults.”


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