ISIS poll show UK is jihadis’ top choice for next attack

British security services have estimated at least 400 British extremists are currently based in Syria and terrifyingly, at least the same number have returned to the UK from fighting in the Middle East.

Among the hundreds of Britons known to be fighting for ISIS, one of the most terrifying still believed to be alive is Siddhartha Dhar, who used to sell bouncy castles in London before trekking to the terror group’s territory in 2014 shortly after he was bailed on suspicion of encouraging terrorism.

Dhar, also known as Abu Rumsayah, is believed to be the masked executor who featured in a horrendous ISIS execution video earlier this year.

Britain is on a knife edge following Tuesday’s twin terror attacks on Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek Metro station which killed 31 and injured 270.

An ISIS poll uncovered yesterday revealed the UK was the jihadis’ top choice for its next brutal attack.

After landmarks across the world were lit up in the colours of the Belgian flag, a poll online asked: “What will be the colour of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?”

The overriding opinion from fellow militants was the UK, with half of supporters on the sick forum voting to attack Britain.


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