Special forces on standby to battle TEN simultaneous terror attacks on London

Special forces and police have been put on standby to battle up to 10 simultaneous terror attacks on London.

Agency bosses fear terrorists returning from Syria – and possibly linking up with new ‘clean-skin’ cells – will try to carry out multiple attacks in London, with bombs, shootings and televised beheadings across the city.

A minister told the Sunday Telegraph that UK special forces are ‘well prepared’ for such an eventuality.

He told the paper: ‘We used to plan for three simultaneous attacks but Paris has shown that you need to be ready for more than that. We are ready if someone tries with seven, eight, nine, ten.’

The Army is also on standby outside London to aid the SAS and Metropolitan Police should there be multiple attacks.

According to the Telegraph, the Army’s counter terrorism bomb disposal unit is also putting together a team to combat chemical and biological weapons at a base in Didcot, Oxford.

The SAS is also conducting training exercises focused around dealing with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that have been turned into weapons of mass destruction.

It comes after the capture of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam who had been on the run ever since the slaughter of 130 people in France four months ago.

While the UK government claim to be ‘well-prepared’, they would be much better prepared if they would co-operate with the Syrian authorities, who showed last year’s KTI delegation to Damascus a whole BOOK full of photos and personal details of ‘British’ Jihadis fighting in Syria. The Syrians explained that they have REPEATEDLY offered to share this intelligence with western security services, but that the Cameron regime and other EU governments stubbornly refuse to take up the offer because they don’t want to recognise the legitimacy of the Assad government.

It will indeed be a dark day for Britain (or France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the USA ,etc, for their rulers have also rejected the offer) if terrorists sip through the net because of such stubborn wrong-headedness by our own government.


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