Machines of Mass Manipulation

Every TV should come with a mandatory instruction course that must be completed before using.  But, they don’t. You can just go and buy a TV and start watching it. It’s as if the authorities want you to be able to do that without first understanding what the device actually is and how it works.

Why do you need an instruction course on how to watch TV? So that you fully understand what you are exposing yourself to and how it affects you.

The TV is the most sophisticated influence and persuasion tool ever devised.

Strangely, most people seem to think that when they place a TV in the room that it’s actually a magic window that enables them to look out at the real world.

Think about how absurd that is.

Go and sit in front of the TV. Now, turn it off and look at it. Look at the screen. It’s a box. That’s what it really is. It’s not a “window”.  When you see an image of a beautiful woman or video of white sandy beaches – the woman isn’t really there and neither is that beach.  They aren’t in your living room.

TV is a device designed to specifically target your brain. It uses “entertainment” to attract and maintain audience attention. Entertainment is used as a vehicle to pass messages to influence perceptions and attitudes that manifest into audience behavior in the real world.

Some of the messages are designed to induce you to buy products. Other messages are designed to shape your view of the world. All of the messages are carefully crafted and controlled by the transmitter.

When you watch TV you allow yourself to be lied to, tricked and manipulated by people who own and control the Media-Monopoly. When you watch TV, you are consuming information products designed for you with the intent of bringing about changes in your behavior.


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