Women escape rape after fighting off migrant

Two women who were tricked into following a Libyan migrant into a cellar managed to escape brutal rape after fighting for they lives.

The duo, aged 18 and 20, had been drinking in a bar where they met an asylum seeker who they described as “charming“.

He convinced them to head to another pub for a drink in the Leopoldstadt district of Vienna.

But the would be rapist took the girls to an apartment block and began taking them into a cellar.

The women realised there was no bar inside and tried to leave but things took a violent turn.

Fortunately the attacker was unable to hold both of them and the 20-year-old broke free and ran.

Left with the 18-year-old, he began to attack the screaming girl, pushing her to the floor.

A police spokesman said: “The victim fought back, she hit him, tried to kick him and also bit him, and he was not able to carry out the rape before police arrived.” 

The alarm was then raised by her 20-year-old friend.

Officers arrived in time to take the injured 18-year-old, who had managed to fight off the attacker until they arrived, into care.

The migrant was arrested in the cellar.


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