‘It is frankly outrageous’ Employment minister Priti Patel slams Turkish EU deal

Employment minister Priti Patel, who is one of the leading voices in the Brexit campaign, warned that the deal struck with Turkey last week means that its EU membership is now much closer, and will mean Britain will be exposed to tens of millions of immigrants from Turkey.Her comments came as Chancellor George Osborne attempted to defuse the row hinting that the UK could use its veto to stop Turkish EU membership, despite the UK Government backing bringing it into the EU.

The government was also forced to deny that it intends to not publish migration statistics during the referendum purdah period because they would help the Leave campaign.

patelMs Patel said that if there is a Remain vote Mr Osborne’s assurances would be worth nothing and “there will be more broken promises on visas and border controls than we have ever seen before.”

Ms Patel launched her attack after a Downing Street spokeswoman suggested that Turkey could be members of the EU by the next decade.The deal has been struck to accelerate Turkey’s EU membership if it agreed to stop the flood of immigrants coming into Europe.

It means that 77 million Turks could be given the right to come to the UK along with millions more refugees currently based in the Islamic country.

Ms Patel said: “The deal with Turkey makes clear both the risk of voting to stay in the EU on June 23rd and the lack of influence we have in the EU today.

“It’s frankly outrageous that Brussels rolls out the red carpet for Turkey, and bows to their demands, when they failed to support the modest policy reforms requested in the UK’s renegotiation.

“The only way we can take back control of our borders, economy and country is to vote Leave.”


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