The brutal reality of life for the Boer minority in racist, Marxist South Africa – and how the KTI are trying to help

Shocking video exposing the hidden mass murder of the Boer ‘white tribe of Africa’. Please pass this on and help wake the world up to what is going on.

The latest KTI Mission to Hungary discussed this vital issue with an MP in the Hungarian Parliament, several Mayors and other political, cultural and religious figures. We are please to confirm that there is a growing interest in the country in this issue and a great deal of sympathy for the Boers. So much so that we have been asked to put out the word that members of the official opposition in Hungary – Jobbik – are ready and willing to help a ‘test case’ Boer family – or even a number of them – get to Hungary and start new lives there.

So we ask all our South African readers in particular to share this report on Facebook and to encourage people to get in touch with us if they are seriously interested.

This is a totally separate to the postponed plan by the Transvaal farmers’ union, whose delegation are now scheduled to visit the Hungarian government in June. The Jobbik politicians believe that such a delay is unjustified and want to push the government to do the right think – and faster. See please contact us and help us make it happen.


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