Facebook is a tool of Jewish censorship

Facebook has not received sufficient flak for its policy of deleting accounts and posts of people who are critical of the NWO and the genocidal, despicable, stolen state of “Israel.”

While the jewish mob-owned “media” is free to spread lies every hour or every day, people who try to expose and counter the lies on social media face tall or insurmountable obstacles.

This blogger has had at least 10 whole Facebook accounts deleted without warning, loosing thousands of readers and thousands of posts of my writings. They also delete almost any post that they can find which exposes the truth about the jewish gangsters in charge of the NWO and the seat of its slated one-world-government, Israel.

The policy basically states that one cannot criticize “identifiable groups,” yet there is only one of these groups that receives protection: “God’s chosen people” aka “the jews,” a group of people who believes that God gave them this planet and everything on it, including you, as their “inheritance.” There is no ambiguity about this in any jewish religious writings.

Jewish religious thinkers are indeed extremely critical and in fact downright hateful of an “identifiable” group: non-jews. Yet there is no censorship for jews. Only for researchers who have discovered facts which cast a harsh but accurate light on the nature of what the world is up against.

People are free to spread Islamophobia, Christophobia, racism of all kinds,  and ridiculous hasbara, but the moment the truth about jewish supremacism is told, Big Brother shows up to throw you into solitary confinement for 30 days, if they don’t just choose the nuclear option to delete the account on the spot.

For whatever reason, Facebook has been the place where I have been able to reach the most people, but again and again, my accounts and my work have been terminated and deleted relentlessly. Often just hours after one 30-day block is completed, a new one will be issued. And this is done routinely, to thousands of anti-NWO activists.

This is Big Jewry’s way of trying to stop the flood of comments from people who have seen what has been happening and who are utterly fed-up and are trying to spread awareness of truth. Sort of like the proverbial little Dutch boy that tries to plug a hole in the dam using his finger…

Here is a very incomplete list of the kind of posts I have written that have been removed by Facebook because in effect they are sledgehammers to the structural base of the NWO:

Once this kind of information is sufficiently spread, a critical mass will be reached and there will be too much awareness for the NWO to be able to continue, so please keep publicly professing the truth.


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