Police headed for “total collapse” as ‘refugee’ flood overwhelms Sweden

“Warnings are not enough. There has to be a total collapse of the police before anything will change. We are in a disastrous situation, where there is a widening gap between the immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society.”

This is the blunt warning of Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism and radicalisation researcher at the Swedish National Defense College, who says that the “situation is a disaster.”

“Extremists dominate the worst areas while the Swedes look on apathetically. The problem goes back decades and affects immigrant heavy neighborhoods where unemployment is high and educational attainment poor, and where crime and radicalization is rampant,” he continued.

Police patrols in inner city areas now regularly face petrol bombs and attacks with hand grenades.

The warning followed similar comments by a senior Police Inspector in Stockholm. Writing in a column in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Lars Alvarsjö says that the “legal system is threatened with collapse” because of shortfalls in manpower and “mediocre” sentencing of the ‘refugee’ criminal gangs.

“Sweden’s ability to fight crime has deteriorated markedly,” Inspector Alvarsjö said.

The police are regularly attacked with hand grenades and there are entire areas of cities which are “police no-go” areas where “foreign gangs” engage in violent shoot-outs.

Although the number of police officers has increased to about 20,000, the sentencing rate and punishment levels for offenders is “fairly mediocre,” he said, adding that the problem lies in the “massive” number of crimes with which the police are confronted.

“Police barely investigate crimes such as burglary anymore,” Inspector Alvarsjö continued.

This is because, “during the past six months, a series of events affected the police’s ability to fulfill its mission.”

He goes on to name these “events”: The “refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism.”

“A very large number of police officials have been assigned to carry out security tasks and immigration controls,” he continued. For example, police in Stockholm have been commanded to serve in southern Sweden on border controls and refugee reception.

“But the number of new arrivals and crime trends in general makes the police unable to cope with current resources. Foreign criminal groups have now effectively become immune to punishment. Prosecutors cannot get ahead of the large workload which these groups cause.”

“In a lot of suburbs, lawlessness ensues where criminal gangs have taken over and determine the rules of the game. One unit is sent in to investigate a case, while the second is there to prevent the first unit’s patrol car from being attacked.

“Now it is a normal, everyday event for police officers in these areas to be confronted with stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails, threats, and other violence.

“Hand grenades are also thrown at police vehicles. Fire and ambulance personnel are exposed to attacks during missions in these areas.

“Gang-related conflicts have repeatedly resulted in regular gunfights in the streets without regard for innocent passersby,” Inspector Alvarsjö said.

 The paper also quoted a report from the police national operations department: “Refugee, criminal gangs and religious extremism presses the Swedish police,”which listed fifty-three areas identified as being “ravaged by criminal gangs and religious extremism, where paramedics dare not go without wearing bulletproof vests.”

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