A must read article

Europe’s globalist elite has put itself on a path to continent-scale war from which it cannot turn back. Two ineluctable truths combine to send Europe screaming toward its fate:

  1. Muslims* rape and kill infidels.
  2. Globalists will not stop importing Muslims.

The first will not change because this would require changing the fundamental character of Islam; the second will not change because this would require changing the fundamental character of our ruling class.

The most sympathetic spin you can put on our traitorous elites is that they’re terrified of WW2 happening again, just as Europe’s disarmament faction in the 1920s was terrified of WW1 happening again, and just as the diplomats of Europe’s great houses in 1900 were terrified of the Napoleonic Wars happening again. And, like their forebears, they so completely misjudged the cause of war that they have unwittingly set the stage for the next one.

Just as the disarmament faction in the French government believed the possession of weapons caused war, our airheaded ruling class believes that “nationalism” causes war. In a few years’ time, of course, the idea that 80 million lives could have been saved in the 1940s if only Germans had hated themselves will seem as idiotic as the idea that 38 million could have been saved 25 years earlier if only Sir Hiram Maxim had focused his entire career on mouse traps.

But currently, to suggest otherwise is like walking up to the Kaaba and shouting, “Blessed be the Holy Trinity and thrice-damned all deniers!” It will take an ocean of blood to correct this error.

As the Muslim population of Europe increases, so also will the frequency of violence. Terrorism attacks will grow in scale and scope. You’ll know Europe is at war when the police are no longer able to raid houses to find weapons caches because there are too many armed men waiting for them. At that point, the soft, untested militaries of Europe will be called in and given rules of engagement that strictly prohibit them from winning.

The details past that point are anyone’s guess. Perhaps France will be the flashpoint, and Germany will invade to stop the French from being so mean to those poor, hapless immigrants. Or perhaps Eastern Europe will begin the ethnic cleansing first, and the entire West will unite heroically to stop them, drawing in Russia and touching off WW3, which our great-grand-children will remember fondly before heading to the mosque for prayer. Or perhaps the Muslims will strike too many places too soon, and Europe will fight them and win. It’s impossible to say. Muslims will not allow Europe to slip peacefully and quietly into the dustbin of history.


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