The Lights Go Out In Bernie Sanders’ Utopia, Venezuela

That’s life under socialism, every time. Someone tell Bernie! Better yet, tell a journalist who moderates one of the Democrats’ debates. Don’t you think a real reporter would want to ask Bernie what he makes of Venezuela? After all, the country has, as the linked article notes, “the world’s largest known oil reserves,” yet Venezuelans can’t buy toilet paper, let alone food. Does this perhaps tell us something about Sanders’ preferred economic system?

Then there is the violence: Venezuela has a sky-high homicide rate of 58 deaths per 100,000 people, around 15 times the U.S. rate. Funny thing, Venezuela also has strict gun control laws, including a ban on private ownership of firearms, the American gun-grabber’s Holy Grail. But that doesn’t seem to do any good. Just one more thing a debate moderator might want to bring up, assuming of course that the debate moderator is a Republican. But the Democrats aren’t dumb enough to recruit their enemies to moderate their debates.