Ten ways you’ve failed Britain, Cameron

David Cameron’s farcical attempts to reshape the UK’s membership of the EU have achieved nothing of value, Brexit campaigners have said.

The Vote Leave campaign said the Prime Minister has secured nothing more than “cosmetic” changes in his much-vaunted negotiations with Brussels.

They highlighted ten broken promises which Mr Cameron made over the years but shelved during his talks.

These broken promises include forgotten pledges to rein in European courts, kick out failed jobseekers and make changes to restrictive treaties.

Several of the commitments were in Tory manifestos, but never came true after Mr Cameron was elected.

vote leaveIn a furious attack the Vote Leave chief executive also accused the Prime Minister of exaggerating the significance of the concessions contained in his draft deal.

In a stinging critique of the Prime Minister’s diplomatic skills, Matthew Elliott said the deal is proof that Mr Cameron has not “negotiated hard” for Britain.

Mr Elliott also said that commitments to cut red tape burdens on business and boost competitiveness are “unlikely to have any tangible impact”.

His Vote Leave group also criticised the Prime Minister for failing to make good on pledges to secure reforms in ten areas that he has raised during his time as Conservative leader, including nailing down treaty change before a referendum and powers to stop jobless migrants moving to the UK.

Mr Elliott raged: “David Cameron has asked for very little from the EU, his renegotiation is almost entirely cosmetic. Asking the EU to confirm that the status quo continues – like that the pound is the UK’s currency – is not going to persuade anyone that he has negotiated hard for Britain.

“Many of the changes he is asking for require treaty change. He is effectively asking the British people to vote for something that has no more value than an unsigned contract.

“The only way to take back control is to Vote Leave.”


1: Taking back control over social and employment laws

2: A ‘complete opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights’

3: Stopping the ECJ overruling UK criminal law

4: Changing EU treaties before the referendum

5: Stopping EU migrants coming to the UK without a job offer

6: Removing EU jobseekers after six months

7: Ending EU laws which harm UK NHS

8: Stopping the European Parliament meeting in two places

9: Reforming the Common Agricultural Policy

10: Reforming the EU’s Structural Funds


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