Globalization a face of Evil

Globalization is devolping itself step by step to hostage of humanity . A few international companies dominate the markets and we are more and more in their dependence ! It would actually be the job of the politics to restrain the power of multinational corporations , that solely are the world domination and exploit the earth . At the expense of democracy , the environment and the modest prosperity of ordinary people .

These powerful global player shits on our social standards , paying meager wages to temporary workers , blackmail our politicians by threatening with dismissals and emigration and do what they want. They pay little to no taxes , but enjoy the advantages of intact States such as infrastructure , social networks , well-trained students , water , electricity, sewerage , a functioning Supply and disposal, etc.
Sadly our politicians do not understand this, also not that, we the people, are going under.

We are delivered to the networks of a few large corporations and banks such as Google , Amazon , Goldman Sachs , Monsanto , Nestle , Apple , etc. – almost all American companies that exploit the power through their lead , a projection which is no longer to stop.  These companies make first everything useful and later indispensable , and then they will dominate us.

And now to make matters worse also TTIP , CETA and TISA , long foregone conclusion behind closed doors in Brussels . Through free trade with the Americans Our politicians promise more jobs , lower prices through the elimination of tariffs , better sales of their products in the advanced markets , etc …

We will have then to regulate our social standards and our wages down to up this powerful to be able to consist of the Obama – land ! Even German Agriculture Minister Rupprechter has jumped on this train in the wrong direction and sells its farmers to these multinationals , which will not have any serious chance to compete against .


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