Finland’s president: “Immigrants just looking for an easier life”

Finland’s president has warned that the current immigration crisis poses a serious threat to Western values and has called for tougher rules to stop immigrants entering Europe simply for a better life.

Sauli Niinistö used his parliamentary address to criticise Geneva Conventions, saying they allowed too many people to claim asylum when they weren’t genuinely in need.

‘Migration is a serious problem,’ he said at the opening of the legislature’s Spring term on the 3rd February.

‘Europe, Finland, the Western way of thinking and our values have all been challenged by it.’

He added: ‘We must help those who are in distress or being persecuted. At the moment, however, we cannot help those who are merely seeking a better life or feel that their circumstances and future are difficult in their home countries.’

Mr Niinisto said the current Geneva Conventions on which Western states base their response to refugees were outdated and had allowed too many people to claim asylum.

At the end of January, the Finnish interior ministry announced that around 20,000 of the 32,000 asylum applications Finland received last year would likely be rejected and those people expelled.

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