Maryville University Muslim group invites women to experience the ‘joy’ of being an oppressed, subservient, second-class citizen for a day

Maryville Muslim students hosted Hijab Awareness Day on Tuesday, Feb. 2, to dispel ‘misconceptions’ about the headscarf and build greater understanding between people of all faiths. (Don’t bother, people of other faiths already understand what an oppressive, misogynistic, hate-filled cult that Islam is)


President of MSA Shehmin Awan said, “We hope to provide people of different faiths, or no faith, the opportunity to experience a part of Islam in a safe, friendly, and open environment” (unlike in their own countries where uncovered women are considered ‘sluts’).

“Hijab comes from the word Hijaba which means to conceal, it is a way of living and a way of dressing,” explained  Shehmin Awan.

MSA vice president, Duaa Kuziez, then emphasized how “The way of living also is to act modestly, modesty is the biggest thing about it.” Both Duaa and Shehmin stressed that “[the hijab] is not a form of oppression.” (And if they say otherwise, there will be hell to pay)


MSA had 35 students participate in Hijab Awareness day. Shehim told us MSA is trying to do more hands on experiences, so students can get a feel for it themselves. MSA is on a mission to provide students with the right information and urges students to ask them questions about the religion of Islam.


“We want to give the community a reason to believe that Muslims are not what they are represented on TV. (Fat chance!) That Islam doesn’t teach violence, show them the real Islam, not the perverted version they see on TV,” Shehmin said. (The violence is not a perverted version of Islam, the violence IS Islam and comes straight out the quran)



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