Brexit ahead by nine percent in new poll

A new poll conducted by YouGov/Times shows that 45% of the British citizens are in favor of Brexit while 36% want their country to remain in the EU.

The poll was conducted after Monday’s announcement of a draft deal between the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk. According to BBC, Cameron said that Tusk’s “proposal for a new settlement for the UK within the EU,” delivers substantial changes in the EU. However, the YouGov website reported that bad press popularity about the deal influenced public opinion.

The new YouGov research for The Times magazine, revealed that the negative press about the so called draft deal, has pushed more British citizens to vote in favor of Brexit. “Leave” supporters are significantly ahead this week leading Remain by nine percent. However, YouGov website reported that if Tusk’s proposal is adopted by the EU leaders, then the difference between the Leave campaign and the Stay falls to three percent (41% leave, 38% remain).

All of the changes proposed within Tusk’s proposals are popular -aside from withdrawing from the commitment to “ever closer union.” Most of the British citizens, are in favor of cutting red tape in the Single Market, cutting social benefits to EU migrants in case of an emergency, enforcing National Parliaments and giving them veto rights on EU laws. However, less than half of the British citizens agree with a “clear statement that the European Union aim of ever closer Union does not apply to Britain.”

The publication of the poll comes as Cameron gets ready to begin a fresh diplomatic dash around Europe to convince the EU Member State leaders to vote in favor of the reforms at a mid-February’s meeting.


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