Boko Haram Mutliplies Attacks

At least 14 people died in triple suicide bomb attacks in Guité and Mitériné last weekend.

The terrorist Boko Haram jihadists have multiplied suicide bomb attacks in the Lake Chad Basin countries since the beginning of 2016.

Some 14 people died and 31 others were injured in Boko Haram triple bomb blasts in the localities of Guité and Mitériné, in Chad. In neighbouring Nigeria, Boko Haram jihadists killed over 85 people in bomb blasts and injured 55 others in the locality of Dalori near the Borno State capital, Maiduguri last Saturday, January 30, 2016.

The death toll from the three suicide bomb attacks in Chad include five civilians and the three suicide bombers. As for the injured, there were 44 civilians and seven soldiers. Reports say that some 20 serious cases of victims who sustained injuries in Guité were evacuated to hospitals in the capital, N’Djamena by Public Health Ministry personnel in over 10 ambulances.

The Governor of the Hadjer Lamis Region, Alio Adoum Abdoulaye, reportedly said that the head of the local vigilante group intercepted a suspected suicide bomber who wanted to get into the market. Soldiers noticed their exchanges and came to intervene and it was at that moment that the suicide bomber detonated the bomb in his belt that took his life, that of the head of the vigilante group and that of some civilians.

In the second attack in Mitériné, two female suicide bombers tried to enter a fish-selling point. They were noticed by the traders who immediately alerted members of the local vigilante group. When the suspects noticed that they had been identified, reports say, they moved towards children who were playing football and detonated the explosives tied to their belts. In the incident, four children died as well as the two suicide bombers.


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