ISIS training camps found on Belgian/German border

It’s getting closer every day! Now EU law enforcement agencies have admitted that Islamic State militants are training for Jihadi terror under the noses of the police.

According to the police, there is a whole training system for terrorists in Europe. Special training camps operate covertly in the guise of religious meetings.

The Europol report says that, ‘besides training camps in Syria, there are also smaller ones in the EU and the Balkan States. The ISIS recruiters have a possibility to check physical condition and firmness of purpose of those willing to enter the group due to survival techniques training.’

Jihadis are taught how to handle weapons and behave oneself during an interrogation. The skills are needed to conduct terror acts at their home countries and abroad. Education is carried out in the guise of religious lessons and the Koran reading.

The bases are allegedly located in the Ardennes, a heavily wooded and hilly region on the German border. About 400 ‘Jihadi fighters’ have already set off to the Middle East from Belgium. Only Britain and Germany have sent more per head of population. The Paris Massacre was planned in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

Training camps in Europe are rapidly becoming important to ISIS and Al Qaeda as Russian and Syrian warplanes relentlessly wipe out their remaining bases in Syria.

The Balkans are also reported to have serious problems with their security. Whole villages in Kosovo have been taken over the a ‘foreign legion’ of Islamist head-cutters who fought to take the region from Serbia during the war in which British and US warplanes bombed Serbian forces trying to save the heart of their homeland from a Muslin takeover that started with ‘peaceful’ immigration and ended with the ethnic cleansing of the Christian population.


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