Young Christian stabbed to death by Muslim ‘child’ she tried to help. Murder piles pressure on Cameron over plan to let in 3,000 extra teenage timebombs

Just 48 hours after British politicians of all stripes were clamouring for the UK to let in “at least three thousand” teenage Muslim refugees, the deeply unpopular plan took a major knock yesterday when one of these 15-year-old ‘children’ murdered a 22-year-old care refugee care worker in Sweden.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, was attacked by a teenage boy at her workplace, a housing facility for unaccompanied refugee children in Molndal, near Gothenburg, and later died in hospital.

Officers discovered a knife at the scene and the teenager has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Miss Mezher’s family were themselves immigrants – Christians who fled Islamist violence during the civil war in Lebanon. Predictably, not one MSM outlet has mentioned the strong possibility that her murder was a religiously-motivated sectarian attack.

The tragedy has rocked Sweden, where the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats were already on top in the polls, and it’s impact is also being felt in Britain, where Tory and Labour politicians and liberal do-gooders alike were queuing up to call for the government to take in juvenile ‘refugees’ – the vast majority of them the same testosterone-charged teenagers as have brought sex attacks and stabbings to Sweden. In an effort to con the public, however, all the ‘elite’ agree to call these young thugs ‘children’.


The British Government is seriously considering taking thousands of unaccompanied refugee children, according to International Development Secretary.

Conservative MP Justine Greening said Prime Minister David Cameron will be deciding how best to help refugee children in the “coming days and weeks”.

Thousands who left their war-torn countries without their parents are now left unaccompanied in migrant camps in Europe. Jihadists in the camps are known to work extra hard on recruiting them – one of the Paris murder gang was reported to have been just fifteen.

Yet growing pressure from politicised left-wing charities, led by Save the Children, to admit at least 3,000 children into the UK has prompted the Government to re-think its position on the intake of refugees.

Previously, Britain agreed to take 20,000 Syrian refugees, but insisted on only taking those from refugee camps in the Syrian region, and not from migrant camps in Europe.

According to the Observer, government sources say the acceptance of these children would be in addition to the 20,000 refugees already agreed on.

Meanwhile, Labour’s home secretary Andy Burnham criticised Mr Cameron for a “lack of judgement and leadership during this refugee crisis”.

Totally out-of-touch Burnham said: “[Cameron] has been pursuing his own individual demands on EU migration while the rest of Europe has been grappling with the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.

“He has left Britain looking blinkered and selfish. Just miles from our own doorstep, there are hundreds of refugee children in makeshift French camps living alone in abhorrent conditions.

“Britain can, and should, be doing more to give those kids a place of safety and I believe the vast majority of people here would support it.”


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