The Jewish Pharmaceutical Industry

The propaganda machine of the pharmaceutical jewish industry, responsible for many doctors and the ignorance of users have created a new kind of addiction, as dangerous as illegal drugs: the drug dependence.

It is undeniable that the brands of the pharmaceutical industry are far from the popularity of names like Microsoft or McDonald’s. But do not be fooled by this apparent lack of glamor in the laboratory names. After all, drug companies are the most profitable business on the planet, losing to the oil companies only.

According to an estimate of the British magazine Focus, the industry would have billed last year, 406 billion dollars. The contradiction is that while the labs are increasingly healthy from a financial point of view, the vast majority of inhabitants of the world remains sick.

The irony is that many profit opportunities in the sector arise from the adverse effects of the drugs themselves that are already in use. Ie: a complication caused by a remedy can be the key to a new drug, intended for another disease. In the end, the brand will be directed to the more lucrative pharmacological effect.

An example is a medicine called Proscar, from the laboratory Merck. When it was released, ten years ago, it was just a hormonal suppressant indicated for prostate disease. Over time, it was noticed that one of the side effects of the drug was hair growth, which led the laboratory to relaunch it as a remedy for baldness. A similar phenomenon occurred with Wellbutrin, antidepressant produced in the laboratory 80 Glaxo. How many users of the drug lost the desire to smoke, Glaxo recorded a new product under the brand name Zyban, now suitable for those trying to get rid of smoking.

The pharmaceutical industry is anything but not a philanthropic institution, and due to the antics of the “large noses” everything can emerge, including more unhealthy population and more deseases being spread and “discovered”.
Jewish pharmaceutical market is one of the most successful areas for them to operate in economy.


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