Illegal migration destabilizes the EU

László Toroczkai, mayor of Ásotthalom wants the Hungarian public to see a clear picture of migration aid organizations operating illegally without the appropriate licences. He requests the Parliament’s National Security Committee to look into how these organizations operate and how they are funded, and he would also ban them from political activities in schools and public institutions.

“We have clear evidence now that illegal migration destabilizes the European Union in the long run,” said László Toroczkai, the Mayor of Ásotthalom in his press conference held in front of the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Supreme Court of Hungary.

Toroczkai believes the reason why illegal migration cannot be stopped is because it is the result of an organized effort.

“It is supported, assisted and operatively organized by NGOs operating illegally in Hungary while receiving billions of HUF from abroad,” Ásotthalom’s mayor stated. Talking about these supporters, he said one of them was the Open Society Institute related to George Soros.

Toroczkai also announced that he had pressed criminal charges in three particular cases revealed by his colleagues and the rangers of Ásotthalom.

“We have evidence, including witnesses and photo images, to prove that the migrants who broke out of the Röszke registration centre in August 2015 were incited by migration organizers posing as volunteers to create havoc and break out of the registration centre,” said Toroczkai, presenting the photos to the media as well.

In the mayor’s view, these migration aid activists committed the crime of incitement against a decree of authority. In addition, he also has evidence that MigSzol (MigServ) leader Balázs Szalai was loading illegal border crossers into his car right next to the razor wire border fence last year. “Menedék” Hungarian Association for Migrants was also using the organization’s cars to transport migrants from the border in the area of Ásotthalom.

László Toroczkai believes that these cases may raise the suspicion of human trafficking and the facilitation of unauthorized residence, that is why he pressed charges. He will also submit a request to the parliamentary parties to convene the National Security Committee. They should investigate how some of these illegally operating, unlicensed organizations, including MigrationAid or MigSzol could conduct their activities and what accounts they used to receive donations of tens of millions HUF.

“These organizations operated with a complete lack of transparency last year, deceiving the Hungarian authorities,” Toroczkai said. He added that these organizations clearly posed a national security risk. He informed the journalists that “Menedék” Hungarian Association for Migrants had received over 1 billion HUF as donation, 90 per cent of which came from abroad.

“We must investigate the conduct of any organizations whose activists get involved in human trafficking,” stated the leader of the municipal council.

In Toroczkai’s opinion, the organizations that recently launched their campaigns in educational institutions should also be scrutinized. The mayor said that Artemisszió, a foundation regularly receiving funds from the Soros-related Open Society Institute, had been visiting schools all over Hungary and targeting children with its “utterly disgusting, repulsive” political activities. Not to mention that this foundation had been donated around 1 billion HUF, almost all of it coming from abroad.

One of the illegally operating organizations, MigSzol found its way to Ásotthalom as well. On 18th December 2015, the organization visited a local primary school in secret, but with the permission of KLIK Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Centre, and “with the obvious intention for political gains”.

László Toroczkai believes there is no need for such organizations to set foot in schools and other public institutions. He reminded the media that a former leader of MigrationAid has turned out to be a criminal previously sentenced to prison on multiple charges, including fraud.


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