Typical leftist nonsense

Screenshot 2016-01-22 at 7.21.17 AM

If a member of you family is a brilliant inventor, is it wrong to take pride in that fact?

If you father is smart and works hard and makes a lot of money, it it wrong to live better than your stupid, lazy neighbors?

Is it morally right for his dirty children to force themselves into your home to steal stuff and make a big mess of the place?

Socialism teaches you steal money you didn’t earn from people you’ve never met.

Liberalism teaches you to feel sorry for stuff you haven’t done and love people you don’t even know.

Nationalism is simply the belief in the national state as the best system, not hatred toward members of other nations. National pride is not pride in the achievements of other individuals, but in being brought up in the same context. Your environment being a significant influence on all people, this pride is simply the pleasure of witnessing the success of your culture in producing a nurturing environment.

Come on, the advances that Whites made in their own countries have benefited everyone in the world to a very significant degree.

Since we have been flooded with browns all we have been doing is refining the old technologies we already created.

Do you even realize the gigantic strides Germany made in science during the brief 12 years of NS rule?

Now all our time and money goes directly to coddling negroes and f*cking arabs.

What a waste.


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