Lock up all male asylum seekers; threat to Dutch women

PVV leader Geert Wilders released a video message on YouTube calling for all male asylum seekers to be locked up in asylum centers. He wants the asylum centers to be closed institutions for the male asylum seekers so that “our women” can be protected from testosterone bombs.

In the video Wilders also uses terms like sexual jihad, sexual terrorism and rape epidemic. He claims that open door politicians like Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Germany’s Angela Merkel are  responsible for thousands of Arab men sexually attacking thousands of women, because the leaders “rolled out a red carpet” for the asylum seekers. He warns that the mass sexual assaults that happened in Cologne, Germany, could also happen in the Netherlands.

For the PVV it’s fairly clear. We have to close our borders for all asylum seekers and all immigrants from Islamic countries. But as long as this does not happen, as long as our women are endangered by the Islamic testosterone bombs, I propose that we lock the male asylum seekers up in the asylum centers.” the leader of the anti-Islam PVV said.

On Saturday Wilders plans to hand out what he calls resistance spray to women in Spijkenisse so that they can protect themselves from attacks by Islamic testosterone bombs. The spray contains a dye that will stain an attackers skin and clothing. Wilders and his party will also be handing out flyers against the arrival of an asylum center planned in the town.


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