Besides Denmark, Switzerland will also seize refugee’s valuables

After Denmark, Switzerland also allows authorities to seize refugee’s valuables in order to pay for their stay in asylum centers.

Reuters news agency cited an information sheet for refugees arriving in Switzerland, which says that “If you have property worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs when you arrive at a reception center you are required to give up these financial assets in return for a receipt.”

Russian website, RT reported that the Swiss state migration service SEM justified the move by saying that the new measure will make sure that asylum seekers and refugees who have an economic comfort, will contribute their share, as the Swiss state spends a lot of resources on processing their application and providing social services.

“If someone leaves voluntarily within seven months this person can get the money back and take it with them. Otherwise the money covers costs they generate,” an SEM spokeswoman told a Swiss broadcaster. Besides the seizure of valuables, the new Swiss refugee policy forces the asylum seekers who found a job in Switzerland, to give 10 percent of their wage for up to 10 years until they repay 15,000 Swiss francs in costs.

The first government which adopted the controversial tactic, is the Danish government On Tuesday, the Danish parliament approved the much criticized bill which aims to make Denmark an unwanted refugee destination.

“We want to limit the inflow (of refugees),” Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen, admitted to reporters on Tuesday. He also said that the law package adopted is “the most misunderstood bill in Denmark’s history.”

Overall, more and more governments of European countries with high social standards are trying to make their countries an unwanted destination for the people in need. Moreover, border controls are being established in most of the EU countries while the EU refugee relocation program is struggling.

Yesterday, European Union’s Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos admitted that the refugee crisis is getting worse.


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