Somali Refugee admits to abusing German girl, aged 10, in the schoolyard Sthamerstraße, Germany

The police is investigating a 23-year old refugee. He is to have sexually abused a ten-year in Ohlstedt.

The girl said the man on Thursday against three o’clock on a schoolyard at the Sthamerstraße. He won the trust of the girl and both exchanged phone numbers. Then the man asked when he could see the girl again.She explained that she have school on Friday at 14: 00.

Then suddenly took the hand of the girl of 23 years, included them at the hip and kissed her on the mouth.

The ten-year went away quickly and told her mother what had happened.She agreed the police. The man told the girl that he live in a central initial recording Setup.

Officials intercepted on Friday afternoon after school on the school grounds the 23-year old, took him to the Presidency. He admitted the offence.

It’s a refugee from Somalia, which is housed in a central first recording facility, as he told the girl.

Because it is a misdemeanor and not a crime and there is no risk of flight, the man was released, after he had been treated for them.


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