Anti-Islamization ‘Generation Identitaire’ activists hand out Pepper Spray to women in Germany to fight off potential Muslim rapists


The pepper spray giveaway took place at noon at the Riebeckplatz, which is Halle’s largest central transportation hub, with at least 52 trains passing through every hour at peak times.

According to the Identitarian Facebook report on the event, the “action is a response to the unprecedented wave of sexual assaults on women by ‘asylum seekers’ on New Year’s Eve.


“What happened in Cologne is happening everywhere,” they continued, adding that there had been an attempted rape by invaders only the day before.

“We want to help ensure that women can continue to feel safe in our town. We received many friendly words, smiles, and encouragement for this action. Thanks for that!” the Facebook post read.


They also handed out leaflets which contained warnings:

On New Year’s Eve there was massive sexual violence: Women were surrounded, abused, dishonored, and stripped.

“What women have experienced there were rapes,” said one officer, who served on the night. Meanwhile, the number of victims has risen to about 500, as more and more women report to the police.

The perpetrators belong to organized ‘asylum seeker’ gangs. Over 1,000 North African and Arab men are said to have gathered together for the violent excesses. The vast majority of identified suspects are alleged ‘refugees.’

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker therefore convened an emergency meeting. But the result was shocking: instead of finally showing firmness against criminal foreigners, Reker called on the German women to change their behavior!

At major events in the future, she said, they should keep an ‘arm’s length’ distance from strangers.

This is a policy that mocks the victims: Instead of defending our security, our dignity, our way of life, and our culture, she asks us to submit to the stranger—in our own country.

Our people deserve security. But this policy is a betrayal of the people.

Cologne is a symbol.

It has shown that the state has failed: It has not protected its borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country, and the state now cannot—or will not—protect women and girls.

Therefore, it is up to us to defend ourselves. It’s time to fight back. For us, our families, and our country.

Therefore, the Identitarian movement has decided to hand out free defense sprays to women. The defense spray in your outstretched hand is the right arm length that you need in order not to become a victim!

Our appeal is: Do not give in! Defend yourselves — because it is our land!

Take care of yourself and travel safely through the city.


We are the youth without an immigrant background

We are the youth, without the popular view. The Youth are being forced to pay the price for a decision, in which they never were involved.

We have not been asked about massive immigration as were corporations, politicians and left wing media.  An unprecedented rush of Muslim immigrants flooded the European continent.


While we Germans are becoming less and less and older and older, we are being replaced by Muslim immigrants, replaced by people with a brazen attitude who think the country owes them a living.

Muslim immigrants,  not only disrespect our culture, they try to impose their own us. We see the writing on the wall – if this immigration tidal wave is not stopped, we will in the year 2050 be a minority in their own country. We are replaced!

We are the youth, the one who have been cheated out of their future. In the media, in schools and universities, you tell us on a daily basis that immigration creates diversity, cultural enrichment and new opportunities. Nothing could be further from the truth.


You want to make us believe that the globalization irreversible, it is the natural course of things. You want us to work (to support the migrant welfare state), spend our money, and never ask any questions.

We’re supposed to close the eyes to what is happening in our country. We are told to be tolerant. But if you talk of tolerance, you only mean that we have to tolerate them. When you talk about self-sacrifice, you mean servility to the State.

Understand that we are not like you. We are the youth and we don’t believe your lies.

 We have switched off the TV, in order to think for ourselves. We have read your history books, but are told to ignore our thousands of years of history and traditions. We don’t trust you with are jobs and careers and our future.

We paint the lambda, the symbol of the resistance on the walls of our city. We are the youth and we are fighting back. Because this is OUR country.

We are the alternative, a counterculture, fighting to preserve our culture.


Week after week, there are anti-Muslim immigration demonstrations. We are always looking over our shoulders and must remain vigilant. In back alleys, cars are being set on fire, peaceful demonstrators are attacked from behind. But on the theater plaza in Dresden, in the cathedral square and the marketplace, the mood is universally good.

If thousands of lights illuminate the night and we sing the national anthem, it is clear to everyone: here is Germany. Here is the resistance.

And despite all the hostility from politicians and the media, and the left-wing extremists behind all the violence in the streets, we remain strong as ever.  It’s a hot winter in Germany. The sounds become sharper, the climate is rougher.

These are hard times that require courage, but no one is alone! More and more people no longer remain silent while our ruthless politicians destroy our homeland and our future.


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