23,144 US bombs hit Muslim countries in 2015

Council of Foreign Relations, a New York-based think tank, has estimated that 23,144 bombs have been dropped by the U.S. on Muslim-majority countries in 2015.

The chart, provided by the generally pro-State Department think tank, puts in stark terms how much destruction the U.S. has leveled on other countries. Whether or not one thinks such bombing is justified, it’s a blunt illustration of how much raw damage the U.S. inflicted on the Muslim world in 2015.

About 77 percent of the U.S. airstrikes targeted ISIL in Iraq and Syria. The problem with the U.S.’s  “kill-’em-all with airstrikes” rule, however, is that it is not working. Pentagon officials claim that at least 25,000 ISIL fighters have been killed (an anonymous official said 23,000 in November, while on Wednesday, Warren added “about 2,500” more were killed in December).

Remarkably, they also claim that alongside the 25,000 fighters killed, only 6 civilians have “likely” been killed in the seventeen-month air campaign. At the same time, officials admit that the size of the group has remained wholly unchanged. In 2014, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) estimated the size of the ISIL to be between 20,000 and 31,000 fighters, while on Wednesday, Warren again repeated the 30,000 estimate. To summarize the anti-ISIL bombing calculus: 30,000 – 25,000 = 30,000.


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