a step closer to civil war. Police fail to protect women but then attack those who protest and condemn ‘vigilantes’

Dusseldorf, the neighbouring city to migrant sex attack capital Cologne is the first German city to see a new citizen protection league to be set up in response the New Year’s attacks, now known on the German street as “Black Silvester”. Thousands of ordinary, angry Germans are signing up to do their part.

While the desire to “protect our ladies future” appears sincere the group has already come under attack not only by police, who – despite their total failure over New Year –  say that law enforcement should remain firmly their responsibility, but also by the press who have labelled the group “absurd” and criticised it for including members of biker gangs.

A spokesman for Dusseldorf police told local media of the emergence of the vigilante group and concdemned it: “for public security in Germany the police are responsible… deliberately searching for offenders is not a job for the citizen”. He added the police had no problem with individuals acting courageously when confronted with crime, but they were against “self proclaimed vigilantes”.

Meanwhile, the group founders insist that vigilante justice or any kind of violence are not what the group is about. All they intend to do is be “present and attentive” at major public events and on weekend evenings.

No comparable group has yet been established in Cologne itself, which regards itself as one of Germany’s most ‘progressive’ cities. The city elected an independent mayor last year who stood on a platform of pro-migrant policies as she lay in a coma, having been stabbed in the neck the day before the vote by an anti-migrant campaigner. The mayor’s move to sack the local police chief for daring to use the M-word in relation to the 2,000-strong sex pest gang is just one of the things driving more and more Germans to conclude that their own ruling elite is a major part of the problem.

The government and police have very little time left in which to get a grip on the entire situation before angry citizens really do start to confront the migrant gangs, at which point things will very quickly spiral into massive communal violence. Which is, of course, exactly what the sinister forces behind the deliberate destabilisation of Germany had in mind when they set about unleashing the refugee tsunami last summer.


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