Pathetic politicians squirm after mass sex attacks and robberies by 1,000 refugees

So the truth came out in the end. The rapes, robberies and sexual assaults on young women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve didn’t just involve a gang of 15 Muslim men as first reported; the real figure was more than 1,000. Even the mainstream media have now reported what really happened, and the fact that the perpetrators were Arabs and Africans who spoke no German, though of course they are still in denial that they were ‘refugees’.

The video here shows that the political elite are paralysed by political correctness and have not the faintest idea of how to deal with the fact that it is obvious that the same sort of thing is all too likely to happen again during the upcoming Shrove Tuesday Carnival celebrations for which the city is famous.

Cologne’s Mayor, Henriette Reker has met with Cologne Police president Wolfgang Albers and Wolfgang Wurm from the Federal police at a crisis meeting. They spoke about preventive measures, so that large events in the future wouldn’t end up like Silvester [New Years Eve] night. There will be “behavioral regulations” – especially for women in the upcoming festival.

With a catalogue of behavioral regulations and a new regulation that in the future large events without any official organizer or operator, shall have security concepts available in order, to prevent that attacks and incidents like the ones at Silvester will not become the new norm.

“It is important to make sure that such incidents not ever happen again”, says Reker tuesday after the crisis meeting with the investigating police. “We have in the meantime heard that such incidents also happened in other cities. This of course is no consolidation to us.” Among others, Hamburg had to deal with similar riots.

“Behavioral regulations” for Festival goers. 

“In the future, situations have to be assessed differently” it was said. “The first thing is to concentrate on preventive measures, which will then be applied immediately for the upcoming Cologne Carnival. Additionally, there shall be ‘behavioral regulations’ for young girls and women, “so that they will not experience such things again”, says Reker in reference to the sexual attacks during Silvester night. There is already a behavioral catalogue which will now be actualized and soon be available online.

One of the regulations is, that women shall hold an arms length distance to foreigners, that they stay within their own groups, don’t separate from that group, and in an emergency that they ask surrounding people for help and to step in as witnesses or inform the police.

Additionally there will be behavioral regulations for Carnivalists “from other cultural circles”, so that “there will be no confusion as to what constitutes jovial and cheerful fun in Cologne, and what openness, especially sexual openness, means and does not mean, in Cologne.” But if through such regulations future incidents can be prevented, is questionable.

Police plans video surveillance and restricted access

Next to the planning of temporary video surveillance there also will be new regulations in reference to the planning of large events. “In the future large concepts without an organizer shall also have a better security concept”, says Reker. The city of Cologne could then for instance become the defacto event organizer.

The German league of cities and towns, criticized that the police during silvester night had not intervened with enough man power. President Roland Schäfer demanded that in the future, commanding police shall be on location in “full preparedness”, when there are large events. For the upcoming Carnival and especially for the upcoming “Altweiber” (European wide Women’s festival, precursor a day prior to the actual festival events), there shall be more uniformed and civil police on duty, says Police president Wolfgang Albers. And additionally it will be checked that already known criminals and pick pockets can be served with a restraining order to keep them off event property.

No knowledge so far about the identity of the perpetrators

According to the police president Albers, there has in the meantime still no knowledge been gathered as to the identity of the perpetrators. Granted, a few suspects had been checked, but if they really are the guilty parties or not, one can not say. With this Albers has basically contradicted his own statement from yesterday. Some suspects are according to information of the editor already known by the police – and it has been said that all of them were carrying papers showing they had been accepted as ‘refugees’.


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