‘Refugee’ Tries To Rape Little Girl, Winds Up With His Face and Groin REARRANGED

A Muslim immigrant into the USA from West Africa learned the hard way what happens when you mess with the wrong little girl, in an attempt to satisfy your depraved sexual appetite.

According to reports, a 13-year-old girl, visiting relatives and from Sicily, Italy, was waiting at a bus stop, when she was approached by a Muslim man who had intentions of raping her. The young teen tried to push the man away, but this sent him into a rage, as he then “grabbed her violently by the arm and tried to pull her away.”

What this piece of filth didn’t count on however, was that the little girl’s uncle was watching the whole incident unfold from across the street at a bar. Wasting no time, the uncle came storming across the road, and with the assistance of another man, they began to hit the Muslim in the face until he was no longer able to stand.

Unfortunately for this man, things were just getting started.

As the would-be rapist continued to bleed on the ground writhing in pain, the two men then began to issue out more painful karma, in the form of kicks straight to the groin.

The little girl was then brought back to the bar, where people at the scene attempted to calm her down from the tragic incident.

Surprisingly, the Muslim man then decided to call authorities, where he was taken to the hospital and placed under arrest. Police arrested the uncle too, but once the story was sorted out, he was released. The Muslim still remains in custody however.


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