Austria returns hundreds of refugees to Slovenia over fake nationalities

Austria sent over 400 refugees back to Slovenia because the people in need lied about their nationality in order to get the asylum seeker status.

Austrian police proceed in language checks at a refugee hot spot at the province of Carinthia to ascertain where the refugees were truly from. According to the local police some of the migrants were turned back to Slovenia, since last Saturday because they falsely claimed to be from Syria to be able to get the asylum seeker status and cross to Austria.

Carinthia’s police spokesman Rainer Dionisio told Austrian public broadcaster ORF: “most of them (returned refugees and migrants) say they’re from Syria, but a short conversation was all that we needed to know that they were not from the region they claimed to be from.

The language, the dialect, it just didn’t match and they couldn’t give any details about their alleged home country. So, their identity is not clear. We just can’t let them get away with that,” he said on Tuesday and added. “We need to send them back to Slovenia, where further checks have to be made.”

New York Times reported that since the summer, hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed into Austria, as it is the last country before reaching their final destination which is Germany. The flow of migrants into Austria from Slovenia has been shifted to Carinthia, as authorities built new infrastructure including barriers to better control the crossing of the people in need.

3,000 migrants and refugees arrive every day at the southern province of Carinthia, and an Austrian police spokesman said translators, hired by the authorities, noticed a rise in the number of unregistered people whose language skills did not match their claimed nationality.

“We assume that some are trying to take advantage of the situation, knowing very well that they have little chance of being granted asylum in Austria and Germany” police spokesman said.

German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, reported that according to Slovenian news agency STA, Austrian police sent back 413 refugees since Saturday. However, according to Austrian news agency APA, Slovenia’s deputy Interior Minister Bostjan Sefic said on Tuesday that around half of those had been re-granted entry into Austria.


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