France tightens security for churches before Christmas

Days before Christmas, French security forces will guard Christian churches in France as they fear that Daesh fundamentalists are planning attacks, to raise religious hatred.

French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced today that the government will tighten security for churches around Christmas and the churches will be obliged to keep only one door open, instead of multiple doors, “to have better filtering at the entrance.” The Minister said after a meeting with religious leaders in France, that “everything is being done to guarantee security.”

There are around 45,000 Catholic churches in France as well as 4,000 Protestant and 2,600 evangelical churches. French police already managed to avert a terrorist attack on Christian churches in April. Then, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, a 24-year-old computer science student plotted to conduct an imminent attack, in two churces south of Paris. The Islamist extremist was arrested on 19 April 2015.

Besides the guarding of the French Christian Churches, the Italian police also advised Pope Francis to wear bullet-proof vest for his Christmas address, because he is a Daesh target.

British website Express reported that the Pope’s spokesman said the pontiff was aware of the threats but he is “not afraid” of Daesh and he refuses to have alterations made to his Popemobile to protect himself during his 2015 Christmas Day message.

Daesh terrorists planned attack in Indonesia during Christmas Eve

On 21 December, Indonesian police reported that it arrested nine “terrorists” affiliated with Daesh who were allegedly plotting an attack on Christmas Eve.

Inspector General Anton Charliyan, national police spokesperson, said that the fundamentalists were placed under custody because they “were allegedly going to conduct a terror attack this month.”


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