Syrian Refugees Trashing Germany Even leaving usable items behind.

Recent video has emerged showing exactly what Syrian refugees are leaving behind on the roadways in Germany.

Look at the sides of the Autobahn which are literally littered with trash stretching up and down the roadway:


Photos from previous months have circulated online that not only shows similar debris, but  also new, and very usable, items like diapers and baby strollers. As evidenced in the pictures, they have been left on buses and on the streets.

Just yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she is hoping to “dramatically decrease” the amount of refugees pouring into the country. By years end, it is expected that the influx will total at least one million refugees in Germany. Merkel’s open-door policy has come under fire from critics and with an election coming in 2017, she appears to be making an effort to appease them.


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