Can the White Race survive (1929)

The author of this book was James Denson Sayers, who, according to my google searches was also an enthusiastic advocate for the adoption of Esperanto. This was to be an international language. It was taken up by scholars and scientists for a bit, but the experiment failed when various dialects of it developed and were becoming more pronounced in different locations around the world. This, of course, defeats the whole purpose of an international language so people started losing interest in this project around 40 years ago I believe, at least according to a linguist I used to be acquainted with.

If you can believe it, according to Wikipedia there are still 2,000,000 Esperanto speakers world wide. Even more unlikely is their article’s claim that there are 2,000 native speakers “who learned Esperanto from birth”.  Although there was a sizable community of Esperanto speakers in Germany in the early 20th century they outlawed it in 1935. Probably because an international language invented by a jew seemed suspiciously Bolshevist. Although this language was popular and officially endorsed in the Soviet Union, Stalin made it illegal in 1937 during one of his characteristic fits of paranoia calling it a “language of spies”.

There have been many books both written and translated into Esperanto, and I heard there was even a movie with William Shatner made in this language in the early 60’s. Wikipedia claims Esperanto is growing in popularity now, but I’m not so sure I believe that. I guess I’d have no way of knowing since I’ve been out of touch with academia for quite some time. I just can no longer stand that environment since it has gotten so nauseatingly Politically Correct.

Denson’s obsession with this language is made even more interesting when we recall that the inventor of this language, L.L. Zamenhof, was a jew. Denson was very fond of jews. This brings me around to mentioning a peculiar aspect of most of the earlier race realist literature, written by the likes of Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant, which is the absence of criticism of jews.

In fact, in many of the books I have read that were written before 1930 they are not even mentioned at all. It is therefor strange to us that this man wrote a book in which he frets over the continued existence of the White race did so without once pointing his finger at our biggest enemy. What should strike us as even more queer is that he actually praises jews in this work. Some of the reasons he praises them are absolutely absurd to our 21st century ears.

He praises them for thier jealous guarding of their “racial purity”, and even claims that they are not only White, but possibly the most pure Whites in existence. Granted, DNA testing was still years away, but anyone who cares to look into this topic knows that one of the ways the jews have gained political power was by marrying into the prominent families of the countries they occupied. I can only imagine that, assuming he had no self serving ulterior motive to misrepresent the truth, that he either didn’t dig very deep or that this information just wasn’t available in any form to the public at this time. The former possibility seems the most likely.

Of course we have to also remember this book was written in a more innocent time, at least it was here in North America. Although the Germans by this time had learned in full how treacherous and destructive this parasitic race is, the U.S. at that time was, until very recently, largely undeveloped and provincial, so compared to Europe at least we had a very small jewish population.

Despite this, because America has always been a wealthy nation, we had  even by that time fallen victim to our share of jewish mischief. They had brought their African slaves to our shores, assassinated Lincoln before he could begin shipping them back, founded the Federal Reserve and gotten us involved in the first World War, and did a host of other nasty things to us in our infancy as well, but even at this early date they dominated what there was of the popular media, so in those dark pre-internet days hardly anyone was the wiser.

Also we had yet to fall into the great depression and we were still a very prosperous nation. We Whites don’t like thinking ill of others if we fear no wrong from them. At this time it was across the Atlantic where the long suffering Germans were learning first hand the dangers of this self worshiping race and honing that knowledge into a science. So at this point in time most of the West was still entranced in blissful ignorance of the true danger these beings would yet unleash upon our race in the coming 80 years.

Aside from his naive infatuation with God’s self proclaimed chosen he had other pretty queer racial theories as well. Again, DNA was yet unknown so most ideas about the movements and mixings of various people were based on theory, observation and archaeology alone, so there was no way of knowing anything for sure.

He believed there were only two races, White and negro. All the other races were the result of a mixture of these two. The more dynamic and creative a race was was, according to him, the more White it was and, of course, the more lethargic and intellectually dim a people proved to be, the more negroid they were. Some ethnologists in the past have believed there were as many as 20 different distinct races. Given this fact we should give him credit for getting as close to the truth as he did.

Later on in the book he estimates, based on the recent advances in travel, that perhaps the White race has as much as a thousand years left to go unless something drastic is done. Upon reading this I couldn’t help but involuntarily quip, “I WISH!”. Of course he had no way of knowing how our own genius would be forged into a weapon by that psychotic semitic race and used to disembowel us long before the century came to a close. Of course I’m talking about television.

Television is a very powerful medium and I feel it was a foolish oversight on our behalf to allow it to fall into the hands of those Kabalistic Satan worshipers. The past 50 years of television viewing has undone countless thousands of years of our evolution. It is indeed nothing short of absolutely shocking to contemplate what this medium has done to civilization. This phenomenon is so horrifically awesome to me that it served as the inspiration for the name of this blog.

Although the book was written with an admirable passion it did contain a good many mistaken ideas and notions while some of is ideas, although not provably mistaken, seem kind of odd and don’t conform very well with modern White Nationalist ideas. For one, he advocates gun control and doesn’t think anybody needs anything beyond standard hunting weapons. Also he seemed enamored of the idea of a one world government, although ran by White people.

The only ting scary about that is he considers jews White. According to what research I could conduct using Google he wasn’t jewish so we have no reason to suspect him of sinister ulterior motives for suggesting this. Actually, assuming we were able to disabuse him of his misconception that jews are White his vision of a White NWO is really quite beautiful.

“Let the enlightenment and civilization of the White man be imparted freely to the lesser grades of mankind but LET THE SOURCE OF THAT CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION, THE INTELLECT OF THE WHITE, BE KEPT PURE FOR ALL TIME.”

Aside from his misguided infatuation with Satan’s children and his slight simplification of the human family tree I found it on the whole a pretty pleasurable reading experience. He did, after all, achieve his goal of explaining how every great civilization of the past collapsed after absorbing a certain amount of negro blood from it’s black slaves and servants.

Although that fact is generally accepted by people who actually have some idea what the fuck is going on these days, back then it seems to have been a somewhat novel idea. But again, I don’t think most people would have had cause to contemplate such ideas when all they have so far known was prosperity and racial homogeneity.


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