Finland’s Winter War against Communist tyranny

As patriotic Finns realise that they are going to have to fight to protect their nation from Islamist aggression and terror, their minds are naturally returning to the heroism of their grandfathers in the bitter winter of 1939-40, when they fought the mighty Soviet Red Army to a standstill after Stalin launched a massive invasion of their thinly-populated country.

Various foreign organizations sent material aid, such as medical supplies. Finnish immigrants in the United States and Canada returned home, and many volunteers (one of them future actor Christopher Lee traveled to Finland to join Finland’s forces: 8,700 Swedes, 1,010 Danes, about 1,000 Estonians, 725 Norwegians, 372 Ingrians, 366 Hungarians, 346 Finnish expatriates, more than 20 Latvians and 190 volunteers of other nationalities, including anti-Communists from Italy and Spain, made it to Finland before the war was over.

Pope Pius XII condemned the Soviet attack on 26 December 1939, in a speech at the Vatican and later donated a signed and sealed prayer on behalf of Finland. Thus far-sighted men from all over Christendom rallied to the defence of the gallant Finns. The time is fast approaching when the firends of freedom and stalwarts of Christendom will again have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder against brutal armed tyranny. Finland will not escape the conflict this time either.

Can the Islamists ski? Can they withstand the cold of a north European winter? Will they conquer Finland? We think the answer’s obvious, but the Finns need to ready themselves for what is to come!


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