500,000th Migrant To Pass Through Croatia Today

Trains with refugees from Šid are again coming directly to the temporary reception centre in Slavonski Brod. Due to work on the construction of a nearby underpass, during the last 15 days the migrants had to exchange trains for busses at the Garčin station.

The construction works have been completed and now the old transportation system has been re-established. The refugee centre in Slavonski Brod has recently been visited by representatives of international human rights organizations from Croatia and Serbia, who were again very positive about living conditions and care provided for migrants, reports Vecernji List and 24Sata on December 13, 2015.

From midnight to 9 am on Sunday, 1,012 refugees entered Croatia. There were 1,016 people accommodated at the centre in Slavonski Brod. Since the beginning of the migration crisis, 497,788 migrants and refugees have passed through Croatia.

In Forssa in Finland, the police arrested twins from Iraq who are suspected to have participated in an mass execution committed by ISIL in Iraq last year. The brothers have arrived in Finland in the autumn of this year, but the police did not disclose which route they took. Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said on Saturday that the Finnish authorities have not asked for any information regarding the suspects. “However, we will ask the Interpol to send us information about them so that we can check our records”, Ostojić said.

Wire fences which have been raised by Slovenian and Hungarian authorities on the borders with Croatia, as well on the border between Serbia and Hungary, and Slovenian borders with Hungary and Austria, have become deadly obstacles for animals which are moving freely around those corridors, Vrbovsko Hunting Club warned. The fences were constructed by the authorities in order to control the movement of refugees and migrants.

Vrbovsko Hunting Club announced that the latest documented cases of injured animals are deer on the Slovenian side of the river Kupa. “We note that the fence as it has been put up has become a high risk for large carnivores including bears which are moving through the area as determined by telemetry and genetic methods, and which has been confirmed by eyewitness testimony”, Vrbovsko Hunting Club reported.

They have also warned that the fences are hampering the implementation of the goals of the Life Dinalp Bear project, which deals with the management and protection of brown bears in the northern Dinarides and the Alps.


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