Jihadi war is on its way to the streets of Europe!

“Final preparations are being made for a massive wave of Islamist attacks on Europe!” The warnings that we first gave over two months ago are gradually being taken up by others as more and more evidence emerges of hardcore Jihadis sneaking into the EU posing as ‘refugees’. The latest example has just turned up in Finland, where police have arrested two members of an ISIS death squad.

The two mass murderers—identified only as 23-year-old twin brothers from Iraq—were arrested after being identified as having been part of the murderous gang which massacred hundreds of Shia Iraqi air force recruits by shooting them in the back of the head.

The massacre was filmed by ISIS and put onto the Internet, but the participants were not hooded, allowing for the later identification of the gunmen.

The two ISIS murderers entered Finland in September, claiming to be refugees, and were housed at an invader center in the southwestern town of Forssa.

It was there that they were arrested on Tuesday, December 8, after they were positively identified from the ISIS video.

Above: A still from the ISIS video of the Tikrit massacre. The two “asylum seekers” arrested in Finland this week were among the gunmen

The evil killers appeared in court on Friday, December 11, in the Pirkanmaa District Court in Tampere, and were ordered to be held for four months for further investigation.

The arrests are not the first such case in Finland, two months ago another Iraqi “asylum seeker” was also arrested after being identified as an ISIS militant from pictures on the Internet.

Finland’s Interior Minister Petteri Opro has also confirmed that the Security Police have identified another 300 “refugees” known to have connections to “terrorist elements abroad.”

It is looking increasingly certain that, learning of the Al Qaeda/Al-Nusra plan to infiltrate the EU in order to launch a massive and sustained Jihadi terror campaign intended to bring civil war to the heartland of the ‘Infidels’, Islamic State strategists concluded that they couldn’t afford to miss out on the action and decided to follow suit. Which means that we now have the world’s two most dangerous – and widely supported – terrorist armies in the world poised to unleash hell across Europe.


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